Winter Kane is a visual artist focusing on cinematography and directing. She grew up immersed in musicals, classic films, John Hughes’ flicks and 90’s gold. Realizing she spent more time watching behind-the-scenes footage than the films themselves, Winter decided to step behind the camera. In her six years as a filmmaker, she has made dozens of short films, worked on web and TV series, music videos, has been cinematographer for two feature films (“Road Trip” (2013) and “Overwatch” (2015)), and was content director for "Eyes Upon Waking" (2017). She dreams of one day filming a soap opera on Mars. Just kidding. That sounds terrible.


With a broad spectrum of experiences and awareness, creative problem solving is easy and comfortable. As a visual artist and writer, I go in with solid plans, but also allow the location, the story, the tone to shift as necessary to better serve the production. I feel this creates a very natural and raw experience for the creators and the audience.


I approach projects with a solid plan and am more than comfortable improvising or "shooting from the hip" when the need arises. I'm constantly looking at the full scope of the space we're occupying and find the best ways to incorporate it to enhance the project.


I'm always interested in new opportunities with new people, especially ones working in a creative realm. Feel free to contact me if you have a project with me in mind!


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