Gender-swapped high school students Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump run for school president.

     With the absurdity of the 2016 Presidential Election constantly in my news feed, I couldn't help but be inspired by an informational video I saw about Trump one night while trying so desperately to find inspiration for my newest film.

This was created for the 2016 Phoenix Comic Con Film Challenge, and I was assigned the prop of boomerang and the line of dialoge "is this for real?"

Eventually Films | Sara Jackson, Frank Armendarez, Roberta Joan Jensen

Writer | Director | Cinematographer | Editor

Spring 2016


A couple spend a quiet afternoon together.

     Teamed up with my friend Taylor Plecity to film some small scenes. Realized there was a nice little story tucked away in the intimate moments we captured.


Truly hope you enjoy this!

Eventually Films | Malcolm Critcher

Director | Cinematographer | Camera Operator | Editor

Winter 2015

 Between the Trees

 A girl's obsession has fatal consequences.

     Created for the Phoenix Comicon Film Challenge - where it premiered in the Top Ten, placed in the Top Five and won Best Use of Music.

The challenge included using one of four assigned songs (I chose Romeo and Juliet, Montagues and Capulets by Sergei Prokofiev), and having an obscure Star Wars reference.


Here's a teaser trailer for your enjoyment.

Eventually Films | McCauley Harlan, Roberta Joan Jensen, Jesse Jackson

Writer | Director | Cinematographer | Camera Operator | Editor

Spring 2015

Make Way for Books

Promotional documentary about the Tucson non-profit.

Make Way for Books is reaching out to southern Arizona families in the most creative and innovative ways possible; traveling out into the community to provide early literacy programming that meets families where they are!


I was very excited to be able to work with a non-profit that does something I care about: bringing education and books to communities that are predominantly illiterate.

Crown Chimp Productions | Frank Armendarez

Cinematographer | Camera Operator

 Spring 2016

Sustainable Living Series

Rob Greenfield's Journey Across America

Follow Rob Greenfield's bike ride across America practicing sustainable living to the extreme. In this 5 episode series you'll learn how your daily actions with food, waste, water, transportation, and energy affect the earth, other species, and yourself. And you'll learn how you can be a part of the solution and live sustainably.

I'm a big proponent of sustainable living and was overjoyed about the opportunity to work with Rob to bring this message to the masses. Please check out the rest of the series, if you're interested!

Greenfield Group | Gavin Glatting

Assistant Editor

 Summer 2016


The fallout after an infection takes over civilization.

     The longest, most challenging project I've worked on to date. Days were packed full of pages, demanding quick thinking and fast camera work. I shot mostly handheld, quickly developing a steady hand and smooth flowing movement.


Probably my favorite thing to have filmed on this movie was the fight scenes!

Carter Ink Films | Chris Carter

Cinematographer | Camera Operator

Summer 2014 - Spring 2015

Eyes Upon Waking

Life goes on. Whether you want it to or not.

     Based off the real life story of producer and lead actress Jennifer Scott, Taryn is angrily disappointed when she wakes up in the ER after a failed suicide attempt. As part of Arizona law, she's kept under a three day mandatory suicide watch in a facility that shares rooms with the elderly where she meets Mrs Kelly, a woman suffering from Alzheimer's that shows Taryn the value of a life well lived.

I had the honor of content directing this feature film. Everything in this video is my direction except for the beer bottle suicide attempt and the ER footage just after.

Open Eyes Productions | Jennifer Scott


Fall 2018

Maybe Shower

Three friends throw a party to find out if they're pregnant

When Ash, Wendy, and Shannon each find out they might be pregnant, they're not exactly thrilled. As their collective anxiety grows, they confront the potential fathers, play stupid party games, and egg a car or two. All part of the world's first Maybe Shower.

Was brought on as Cinematographer for this cute coming-of-age indie film. Filmed at the famous Spiderhouse in Austin with some amazing talent.

Greenless Studios | Lex Lybrand


 Summer 2018