(Don't) Touch Me

Dissociation and sexual abuse often go hand in hand - creating a toxic cycle that's hard to break out of.


oh, what we do to ourselves to feel normal.

dissociation in every touch. every kiss.

but the facade is just that. a facade. -winter kane

For Mental Health Awareness month in May, Gothesque Magazine (@gothesquemagazine) made a call for submissions.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with about a dozen other creatives within less than two weeks to create six beautiful sets - all of which were picked up for the magazine release.

Each set tells the personal story of the models, or someone near and dear to them.

This is called (Don't) Touch Me

Michelle Austin (@michelleaustin__) allowed herself to tap into something most of us fear, and even more bravely in front of a group of people.

Photography - Winter Kane (@winterskane) Model - Michelle Austin (@michelleaustin__)

Wardrobe - Courtney King (@missladymakebelieve)

Hair - Rafael Virguez (@rafael_virguez)

Makeup - Madelyn Baker (@makeupby.madelyn)

BTS - Bea Haven (@boundbyimage)

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