International Women's Day - Ermine Vintage

I can't imagine a better way to celebrate International Women's Day than to work with some amazing women to make art! And on March 8th, 2018, I got to do just that. Brenna Jones and I spent the day at two amazing vintage shops located on the adorable North Loop Blvd in Austin. Both shops are owned and operated by women!! Ermine Vintage and Revival Vintage.

Ermine Vintage

First up is Ermine Vintage, where EJ has boots on the shelves and rocker tees on the walls.

Woman stands in floral blouse and blue jean skirt in front of Ermine Vintage

We had great fun going through all of the unique items through out the shop. Everything is beautifully organized by type, length, and color! I organize my closet the same way and felt a kinship with EJ. <3

We wanted our looks to feel unique and vintage, with lots of character - just like Ermine Vintage.

For our second outfit, we went a little darker, but still kept the soft colors, soft fur, and jeans as a theme.

We were soooo excited to find this Mickey Mouse necklace!

An amazing way to celebrate International Women's Day, indeed!

Follow along to see the images from Revival Vintage!

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