International Women's Day - Revival Vintage

I can't imagine a better way to celebrate International Women's Day than to work with some amazing women to make art! And on March 8th, 2018, I got to do just that. Brenna Jones and I spent the day at two amazing vintage shops located on the adorable North Loop Blvd in Austin. Both shops are owned and operated by women!! Ermine Vintage and Revival Vintage.

Revival Vintage

Next up is Revival Vintage - a crisp, open air shop with vintage furniture vignettes and a hip clothing section.

Woman sits with cowboy boots in a vintage lawn chair outside of Revival Vintage

Sonia's shop reminds me of the cool little garage shops in Condesa in Mexico City. Bright white, nicely organized, trendy items.

Brenna and I had a lot of fun piecing together outfits. For our first one, we opted for this very Austin outfit - short shorts, cowboy boots, crop top, Texas jacket.

For our second outfit, we went more romantic. With a dress that Brenna should have bought! The colors complimented her eyes, hair, and our makeup concept so deng well.

Seriously, did you check out this makeup? Brenna came makeup ready and followed my direction beautifully! Strong blush, nude lips, gold crystals under the eyes (in a nod to my honest-to-goodness spirit animal - Björk).

An amazing way to celebrate International Women's Day, indeed!

Follow along to see the images from Ermine Vintage!

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