Postpartum Momma

Along with the normal experiences in store for an expectant mother (learning patience, sleepless nights, discovering unfathomable depths of love, a feeling of completion) comes things that most would be ashamed to admit. How do you care for your children when you're trapped in the bathroom for hours weeping? What do you do when you boil over with rage at the sound of your baby crying? Why would you care about your health and appearance when thoughts of abandoning your family run rampant? These aren't easy things to face alone, so don't let yourself. Ask for help. Speak out about your experiences. It's not shameful, and it can happen to any mother and with any pregnancy. The shadow of postpartum depression can be lifted.

-Courtney Carlson

For Mental Health Awareness month in May, Gothesque Magazine (@gothesquemagazine) made a call for submissions.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with about a dozen other creatives within less than two weeks to create six beautiful sets - all of which were picked up for the magazine release.

Each set tells the personal story of the models, or someone near and dear to them.

This is called Postpartum Momma

Courtney Carlson (@faypriestess) is a tender, loving mama and a confident, professional woman <3

Photography - Winter Kane (@winterskane)

Model - Courtney Carlson (@faypriestess)

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