Shell Shock (Dealing with Suicide and PTSD)

When your loved ones are suffering from PTSD, it's difficult to navigate, and it's even harder when they choose to take their own life.

Veronika Hanson took the loss of her husband and turned it into art.


buried beneath, i wait for you

my heart yearns, aches, bleeds

shell shocked and stripped bare

you've left me but you haven't gone

a casket cased in silent suffering

a love ripped open, filled with pain

digging, scratching, seeking light

the hardest thing is moving on

-winter kane

For Mental Health Awareness month in May, Gothesque Magazine (@gothesquemagazine) made a call for submissions.

I had the absolute pleasure of working with about a dozen other creatives within less than two weeks to create six beautiful sets - all of which were picked up for the magazine release.

Each set tells the personal story of the models, or someone near and dear to them.

This is called Shell Shock, and is admittedly my favorite set.

Veronika (@veronika_mystique) is an absolute treasure. Passionate, creative, strong, poised, graceful, brave, resilient. It was an honor to create this with you, my dear! <3

Photography - Winter Kane (@winterskane)

Model - Veronika Hanson (@veronika_mystique)

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