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Give your precious memories the gravitas they deserve with handmade artwork that will be cherished for generations in your family. An heirloom photo album your future grandkids will flip through while sitting in your lap. The portraits hanging on the wall that bring you back to that moment upon every glance. Photos are meant to last, and my focus is to give you exactly that experience.


Glass Folio Box with 20 Quality Prints
Wooden USB Drive with High Resolution Images
Heirloom Photo Album, Hand Designed and Handmade
Wall Art (wooden prints, framed with glass, canvas hangings)



Glass Folio Box with 15 Quality Prints
Heirloom Photo Album, Hand Designed and Handmade



Glass Folio Box with 10 Quality Prints
Additional Prints $100 each


Wall Art

Wall Art is the most popular choice with my clients. I have a wide variety of gorgeous options – from traditional framed prints to prints on canvas, metal, and wood. There is a wide selection of styles to match every decor.

Prices start at $300

gallery walls

Gallery Walls are great option to showcase a selection of images from your session. Each gallery is custom designed to fit your space and can feature any of the Wall Art options.

Prices start at $900

Albums and Folio Boxes

An album, folio box or album block are great options to enjoy a large selection of images from your session. Each album is custom designed and features 20 thick, archival pages. Folio boxes and album blocks contain a minimum of 10 mounted 5×7 images.

Prices start at $400

Prints and Digital Files

Perfect options for displaying on your desk or bookcase. From stunning acrylic blocks to traditional prints to high resolution digital files, I have great options to complete your collection.

Prices start at $50


Where are you based and do you travel?

I'm based in gorgeous Austin, Texas and I am very open to traveling. I've gone cross country multiple times to capture my amazing client's wonderful weddings. Take me on a runaway elopement to a tropical island with you. <3

How quickly do i get my photos?

All photos are hand-edited and ready to view within two weeks. We will sit down together, eat some awesome snacks and have some yummy drinks, and go through your photos. Together, we will pick out the best ones and decide on the perfect products to showcase the art we created together.

What is your consultation structure?

We will meet in-person or on Zoom before your session for a consultation about what your goals are for you photos - and then again after to review the pictures and place orders for prints and products. If interested, I will also help hang your new Wall Art in your home or workspace.

What if i just want digitals?

I used to be what's referred to as a "shoot and burn" photographer with my energy focused on digitals. To be honest, I started getting burnt out and I fell in love with the first photobook I ever created. Photos are tangible, physical, and I don't like that our modern world has fully digitized this amazing tactile experience of holding a print or a book, and seeing those memories on your wall every day. These are the experiences I aim to offer, and that is my focus. But I do know sharing online to family and friends is part of the fun, too, so you can also purchase digital files as an add-on to your packages.

How many photos will I receive?

I always choose quality rather than quantity to tell your story. Each session dictates a differing number of finished photos, and the chosen packages will dictate how many images you get (with the option to purchase more).