the story of a photographer

Hi y'all. My name is Winter and I'm a non-binary vegan artist and photographer who loves palindromes. I'm from the land of the Saguaro Cacti - Tucson, AZ. I've been in Austin for about five years and I love it here. I spend my time crafting and creating and doing and making. I've always got a project (or six) in progress, and love getting my creativity out through many avenues. I've got two cats - Cheese and Peanut Butter - who are the most entertaining and weirdest cats ever.

I believe our impact on the universe and each other is more profound than we could even begin to imagine, and I love to explore that through my lifestyle and through my art. My lifestyle is considered "zero waste," focusing on reducing and minimizing, reusing and sourcing creatively, and taking care of things as best as I can so they can last a long time -- this same mindset is how I handle my photo sessions -- I want you to leave happier and more confident in yourself than when we started, and I'm quite purposeful with every click of the shutter button.

Learning new things, trying out new skills, and going on adventures are my faaaaavorite. If you've got a travel/destination in mind, a creative photoshoot you want to explore together, or just want to come along for one of my photographic inventions - let's play!


Everything I do is about being better than I was before. I'm not in competition with anyone but my past self, and honestly I look back at Past Winter and thank the work that was done that brought me this far.

Each day brings a new opportunity for growth, development, and a fun new challenge.

If you've got a cool idea that will test my skills, I am so down.

ready to chat?

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Emails from current and potential clients make my day!

You can find more of me over on Instagram: @winterskane

Or you can message me through my website.