shadow and soul


shadow and soul


- you're a multi-faceted person -

let's explore the darker, deeper parts of you

WITH a healing, therapeutic shadow work photo session

authentic portraits

tap into the parts of yourself you keep inside

Together, we will conceptualize and explore what you want your shoot to be about. Mental health, processing a specific trauma through exposure therapy, stepping into a role you've kept hidden.

do the work,

Through art

express and explore through shared creation

Our session will be fully curated by myself - location, wardrobe, hair and makeup if you so choose - and is the time for you to step into processing in an artistic way.

over 15 years

of experience

guiding you through the process

I've personally explored various therapy modalities and the most powerful for me is bringing it into the body, and resetting. I will be with you every step of the way, ready to hold you and photograph you.

putting your emotions on display is hard


How often do we have the opportunity to explore the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden? And to do so creatively, with the goal of sharing that work to show others that they're not alone in their struggle? Pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.

All of my shadow sessions start at $1000. These projects take a lot of me. I won't lie. Conceptualizing, curating, organizing, directing, guiding, integrating, editing. It's a big role and I take my work and your experience very seriously. My therapeutic shadow work photo sessions can help you discover aspects of yourself waiting to come out and help you be the best version of yourself.

If at any moment you want me to set the camera down and need to be held or cry, that will happen. If you want me to shoot no matter what, that will happen. We will have an in-depth consultation beforehand to go over what the session will be like, and what you would like it to be like. This is a safe space where autonomy is respected and valued, you will always have the right to stay comfortable and change your mind.

ALL shadow work photo sessions INCLUDE:

  • An in-person (or Zoom) consultation available before or after booking
  • Co-created concept exploring your trauma, emotions, or some other part of yourself that you want to move through
  • Intimate session, with your full control to stop at any moment
  • Curated music to help explore (or silence)
  • Direction from a film director and experienced shadow worker
  • After-care to process and integrate your experience
  • Date exclusivity - if you hire me, I'm there and nowhere else
  • Each image hand-edited by me – I do not outsource any part of my workflow, including editing
  • A private online viewing gallery of your images
  • Travel within greater Austin area (additional travel available and welcome)

I also offer customizable packages. A beautiful photo album to display or keep private, a luxury print to remind yourself of the many sides of you. Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a meeting to discuss your shadow session. I’d love to take you out for a drink or coffee, or chat over Zoom. I look forward to speaking with you!

+Queer Friendly+

step into the shadow

process the parts of yourself that hold you back

do the work, through art

CONTACT ME to discuss concepts and price

ready to face the darkness? let's go

shadow work sessions

process and reset

Due to the very nature of the session, prices are individual. Your concept may require other models, HMUA, wardrobe, location, travel... These prices will be discussed and confirmed before any work begins.
-All sessions include 30 minute after-care


shadow sessions GALLERY

- let's tell your story -